Complementary observations


Radiosondes will be launched every day during the campaign, 6 times per day .

Contact: Fleur Couvreux (CNRM/Meteo-France)



Ground-based Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) measurements of vertically-integrated water vapor content have been ongoing since 2014 in Cabo Verde (at INMG on Sal and Praia).

Contact: Olivier Bock (IGN)

Image: courtesy of Olivier Bock


Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images from Sentinel-1 provide high spatial resolution (10-100 m) observations of the ocean surface, day and night, regardless of weather conditions and cloud cover. They will be used to detect atmospheric coherent structures in the marine boundary layer.

Contact: Dominique Bouniol (CNRM) and Alexis Mouche (LOPS)

Image: adapted from Brilouet et al. (2023)


The TOOCAN cloud tracking algorithm will be performed operationally in real-time from the infrared imagery of METEOSAT Second generation.

Contact: Thomas Fiolleau et Rémy Roca (LEGOS)

Image: deep convective systems tracked by TOOCAN (Thomas Fiolleau)